The Vision


We are confident we live in a Paradigm Shift era.

Machine Learning, IoT, Big data, Data mining, and Artificial Intelligence will turn the machine's roles from teleological to entelechial. People's roles in Businesses will soon change. 

The information today is free and instant. The producer is now in close contact with the consumer. The mediators' role is eliminated. Consumers began ordering directly from producers at win-win prices. But they crashed into qualitative issues. The mediators' guarantee is missing, and WYSIWYG is not the rule today.

The reorganization is vital to surviving, and solutions in the business environment will not come from past practices. Describing the past went to the limits. Big Data is here but looks chaotic for Reductionism followed. Predicting the future by ignoring Data Relations is a failure. Relations, by default rule of Reductionism, are not measured. Predicting the future is the Holy Grail today.

Cancer treatments attack cancer and healthy cells simultaneously. If therapies came from Systems theory, the cancer cells would be first isolated, and then the proper drugs would attack and destroy cancer cells. At Covid19, the global medical community is looking for a solution wrongly, collecting data from inpatients, leaving the asymptomatic winners of Covid19 out of the research. In the asymptomatics winners lies the secret of their victory, but they are kept out of the study. Recently scientists are researching for individual drug cocktails per patient, not one drug for all. One cure for all may save most of the illness patients but spoils other fields of the organization. Death may come from other causes due to drugs.

The world is in big trouble. More than half of the global production never reaches the final consumer, raising the final prices, and worst of all, it is stored as garbage on our planet!

Reductionism served the Industrial Revolution era but cannot perform the same in the Internet era. 

The General Systems' Theory can only save the world.

ENTELECHY CUBE is the first globally BI tool to describe future securely cross-checking by the six telescopes views of its Cube faces.


We strongly believe it will be a life-changer.

The ENTELECHY CUBE Proof story

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The Entelechy Cube was proved by its founder Socrates Zygomalas.

"My story began in 1980 at the Athens University of Economics and Business. “Management” was my favorite subject, and by then, I met for the first time the inspired professor Iordanis Ladopoulos. In his lessons and his book "Management,"


I first came to know the distinction between the two theories, Reductionism and Systems. The favorite for the "modern" sciences - in the 70's - was Reductionism. Due to Reductionism's great success in the Industrial Revolution, Professor Ladopoulos had reasonable concerns about whether this expected change would be a Paradigm Shift or a scientific upgrade of Reductionism.


In his book, I first met Entelechy and the teleological behavior of machines in a system. A system of machines is teleological, a human system is entelechial, and a combined system of people and machines is entelechial.


Entelechy is a word of Aristotle. It consists of 3 Greek words:

"EN" + "TELos" + "ECHY," or "Inside," "Goal," "Have," and means "Inside me, there is a purpose, a goal, a destiny to be achieved."


This magic word was etched in my mind, along with a picture of Systems including subsystems with arrows in the same elevated direction. Like a Hot-air balloon!

In 1986, I started my own business by opening a franchise jewelry and accessories store. Since I was also working at my father's Customs Office and there was not much time to follow the new job, I decided to build from scratch a retail software, which I would probably sell in other franchise stores as well.


The software was built in DOS and FoxPro and I used the "one and only" Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet to access the .dbf files. I gave some important limitations to the software to keep a close eye on data flow and accounting transactions. At the end of each business day, a "close day" function, checked and closed the current day and opened the next working day. This process gave me the security of the checksum and the confidence that I had the full backup of my store data. I was using a dial-up modem to download files after the “closing day” function and I could work overnight with the updated data. My preference for the software analysis was clearly in Systems that match my perfectionism to the detail. It sounded so logical to me that the total result of a SYSTEM is equal to the sum of the results of its consisting Elements.

The first discovery of relationships was when I noticed that the percentage of major sales categories was almost constant over time. Soon, I saw this rule extend to prices and price ranges within the major and their subcategories. It was clear that I had my first Principals to work with: the stock structure of my warehouses would always have to comply with the expected Sales revenues in the proper Kinds of structure and Prices Ranges. I also noticed that the merchandise had a very different replenishment approach when it is Seasonal with sales calculations through or not seasonal / best sellers. Besides, I found strong relationships with my Supplier merchandise families’ proposals. My Costs were also significant to deduct from sales Revenue to calculate the final profit. In addition to the quantitative characteristics calculated on my software (the machine),  had to comply with the qualitative choices of my merchandising team (people) to get to Entelechy.

The first version of ENTELECHY CUBE was Set!

Systems and subsystems.JPG

In 1992, the second discovery was made. It came from a different Systems environment, from the Sailing regattas! I owned a cruiser-racer sailing boat, and my hobby was to participate in off-shore regattas. Even though most boats have different sizes and capabilities, the boats compete with each other with a corrected elapsed time of the route. Each boat is measured by a specific feature system and receives a GPH (General Purpose Handicap). Each boat is racing against its GPH, and it is the GPH the parameter to "correct" the elapsed time of its voyage. The regattas rank by their "corrected" time on how close to their GPH raced. This process made me look for a GPH in my business to have a target KPI, which I should get as close as possible and achieve the best Return of my limited Investment funds. I found it exciting to monitor the Element-SKU results in detail compared to the overall result, noticing their Relations fluctuations vary in the categories and subcategories. My mind was challenged by one question: How I would manage so many parameters to have the best results. The challenge was ordering and Replenishment to be organized on quantities and time in equilibrium to the expected sales structure.

1992 was full of gifts for me. It gave me the SPAR, which I will not explain now, as revealed in the ENTELECHY CUBE AI version, released hopefully in 2022.

In 1998, I agreed with Franchisor to manage the stores owned by Brand as an Outsource. It was a new challenge, as I had to transfer my successful work from one store to five stores, and I undertook the news to open. The idea came again from Systems and was so simple. Instead of building a sizeable vertical organization system with many controls and people, I could have a virtual "ALLSHOPS" with the sum of all stores in one. The only change was ENTELECHY CUBE (Revenues) the other stores on the top side of ENTELECHY CUBE (Revenues). Every store would contribute with its data and receive the proper standing orders to fulfill its needs. Stores would be omnichannel, and I could relocate the goods at any time. I used Omnichannel long before the word was coined. Something similar was with Blockchain since the System's functions were designed with digital contracts (smart contracts). All data gathered in a trusted black box share the information for any inventory flow or expenses payments. The employees focused only on their work, using a fully reliable Real-Time trusted System to answer any data query. The years passed with great success. Everyone on my team was thrilled. The stores increased to 23, and the results were fantastic, reaching an excellent 35% EBITDA to sales, the year that our channel was awarded as Retail of the Year 2007 in Greece.

Even during the crisis period, our channel remained profitable as a whole and per store, as ENTELECHY CUBE provided the solutions. If a store was in danger and could not be "cured" to remain profitable, we closed it. The Hot-air balloon always remained profitable. Cooperation terminated at the end of 2017.

Since then, we have been working to prepare ENTELECHY CUBE for use by any business as an online advisor. Additionally, we have completed the analysis of the next version of ENTELECHY CUBE AI, further trimming the Code Element, examining the integral part/element of an SKU code, assing decision-making AI functions with unlimited opportunities."

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Thanks To:

  • My Parents

for giving me Life,

  • My Teacher

Iordanis Ladopoulos, for showing me the way to  Systems 

  • My Mentor

DK, for the business opportunities

  • My Teams

FF Retail Greece Team and Goudalini Sailing Team for having me on board

  • My Son

Harris, for helping me find my path

  •  My Entelechy

the power within, for showing me The Way

Without one of the above, this project would have never been completed and delivered, today on the 21st of November 2020.

Γένοιτο - Amen

ENTELECHY CUBE Registration Details

Registration Notary Office: Athens Notarial Company, Ch. Steiros – F. Ktena, VAT EL099912284

Registered DocumentTitle: ENTELECHY CUBE  Date: February 11th, 2019  No: 40.034