The Innovative Revenue Sharing Business Model

ENTELECHY CUBE is the first Global e-Platform BI tool offering Systems shelter and hosts numerous companies and other e-Platforms in dozens of countries.


Operate in a Three-Level Flat Organization Directing, Managing, and Operating. Operating Sections consist of Outsourced Global Companies, managed by Professional Section Managers and Directed by ENTELECHY, holding the Method's intellectual properties.


All Partners connect by an innovative Instant Daily Revenue Sharing (IDRS) system, sharing the Revenues' Business Revenue live and digitally.


ENTELECHY holds a board of Advisors to maintain Sections' compliance with the Business Goal and guarantees smooth operations. Law Section acts as the Arbitrator to ENTELECHY CUBE.

Subscribers of the e-Platform will receive Free and Paid Service. Free to trial raising their Business to the Cube and basic historical six views and paid for AI Predictive Analytics.

Paid Services for B2B as an annual subscription or a Revenue sharing in the AI Option

Payments consist of the Revenues to share upon clearance

Below an indicative plan

1.         The Entry fee (e.g., 100€ per Business)

2.         The annual e-Platform service fee (e.g., 20€ per Business)

3.         The ENTELECHY Commission (e.g., 0.1% per Revenue)

Partnership plan with "up to" Revenue Shares

Business Model.jpg