Fundamental Rules

ENTELECHY CUBE is based on two fundamental Rules:

1. The Results of a System equals the sum of the Results of all  its consisting subsystems and Elements 

2. A System creates Emergence, which is the process through which the interaction between Elements gives rise  to something more than the sum of their parts in isolation

In Systems Theory, one+one not always equals two.

ENTELECHY CUBE simulates your business as a Hot-air balloon and every Element you invest in as a CUBE. All Elements together form the EnteleCUBE containing all properties plus all emergence results -positive or negative-created in time. All operating expenses are allocated per day to all present and participating Elements.

Now, open the door and enter your EnteleCUBE Avatar

Watch around the 4 walls, the floor, and the ceiling.

Choose a time period and see the quantitative and qualitative actual Results, the Stock structure with actual allocated Costs, and the categories actual Relations per Element or any Category.


All data is projected simultaneously on the 6 Cube sides, each defining the:

1. Kind

2. Price Range

3. Source-Supplier

4. Seasonal/Life Cycle status

5. Current Cost so far

6. Revenues and POS

Check the Return on Investment (ROI)  per Code or per Category colored Red-Green, as never seen before!


Now is your Turn to act

Red-losers require actions. Correct costs, supply chain voyage, or even totally exclude from your System.

They drop your balloon down!

Seek the opportunities deriving from the Green-boosters.

Change or reschedule the replenishment plans, if possible.

These are your balloon's uplifts!

Plan your Resources (Energy) flow under the detailed regulations deriving from your organization's DNA. The current and the proper Structure in time is projected to the 6 walls around.

Your replenishment will be safer against understock and overstock and maximize the uplift profitability, keeping the resources flowing in equilibrium with EnteleCUBE sides relations.


Plan your next strategies safely. Check new scenarios and needs.

The outer environment is changing, and you can now measure its impact on your System and feel the latest trends at the end of a day or a week. 


Plan your Buffer stock achieving your organization's Resilience to market changes, keeping the Entropy (waste) in control


A profitable System needs Efficiency, Resilience, and resources flow in Equilibrium!


Why a CUBE?

Since the dawn of humanity, there were three questions to be answered for an exchange System.

What is the need, How Much does it cost, and Where is exchange takes place 

Six parallel surfaces in pairs determine the borders to the outer environment and include inside the System's interests, with edges of 100% of its Properties, in the platonic shape of a CUBE.






Side 1. the Kind of Demand and

Side 3. the Source to supply

How much

Side 2. the Price and

Side 4. the Life Cycle



Side 6. Where to buy and

Side 5. The proper cost for Profit)

Inside of Hot Air Balloon


Entelechy Cube is a digital time sequence perspective view of changes made in a Business Open System Big Data.


Evaluates the Big Data digital perspective in 4d view of an Avatar for any business as an open System.

"Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise, deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software"   (Wikipedia) 

By Definition, the "traditional data-processing application software" find chaotic and cannot deal with Big Data. 

ENTELECHY CUBE is the first registered method attempting to understanding Big Data.

Although it is impossible to define and describe Big Data (similar to quantum) using the innovative method of relations groupings projection to the 6 walls of a Cube, understand Big Data's behavior changes.


ENTELECHY CUBE may offer valuable research paths to other Sciences, Medicine, Social, Biology, to solve many unsolved problems.

We live the Paradigm Shift to General Systems Theory, where solutions are common to all sciences.

Love responsibility. Say: It is my duty, and mine alone, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame.

Nikos Kazantzakis

All Secrets Revealed. Mission Accomplished