Innovation stems from tracing each SKU individually along its Supply Chain journey within the Organization.


Simulates the Business Entity as a Hot-air Balloon and its Carriage as a Cube, containing its heritage of SKU Cubes.

Inputs of Raw Materials and Products SKU Cubes add the weight of the Supplier Cost, while rents, salaries, and Operating Expenses add the Operating cost weight to the Carriage.


Sales Outputs converted to Revenues finalize the Business Scope, as Profits uplift and Losses force down the Balloon. 

Using Blockchain logic brings routing information, Inventory, and Financial transactions in connected, transparent, and traceable Day-blocks, allocate daily Expenses to the participating SKU.


Measures the accurate P&L per sold SKU and the exact cost added per SKU in Stock. Marks the Profitable and Loss-making SKUs and the cause of their Results and instructs focused corrective actions. 

Machine Learning extends Relations monitored to the Predicted Future, and AI redirects SKUs to maintain Equilibrium in all six dimensions.


By Grouping the monitored Static and Dynamic Properties:

1. Kind (Static)

2. Price (Dynamic)

3. Source-Supplier  (Static)

4. Life Cycle Seasonality (Dynamic)

5. Current Cost so far  (Dynamic)

6. Revenues and POS  (Dynamic)

Per SKU Cube, per Day, we get an accurate 4D View of SKU & Categories' Path and Performance in time.

Why a CUBE?

Since the dawn of humanity, there were three questions to be answered for an exchange System.

What is the need, How Much does it cost, and Where is exchange takes place 

Six parallel surfaces in pairs determine the borders to the outer environment and include inside the System's interests, with edges of 100% of its Properties, in the platonic shape of a CUBE.






Side 1. the Kind of Demand and

Side 3. the Source to supply

How much

Side 2. the Price and

Side 4. the Life Cycle



Side 6. Where to buy and

Side 5. The Cost



1. The ROI per SKU 

Red-losers SKUs or Red Categories require corrective actions. 

Check the supply chain added cost per Station. Change Routes. Reduce or cancel orders.

They drop your balloon down!

Seek the opportunities deriving from the Green-boosters

Increase orders, exclude from discounts, reschedule the replenishment plans. 

These are your balloon's uplifts!

Trial your 4D BLACK-BOX. Check Profitability in any Past Present and Future times. ENTELECHY CUBE is your Future-telling Crystal Sphere. Drill in and step inside.

See the selected periods Historical or Predicted Data by its unique algorithms, all simultaneously projected on the six walls. Accurate Historically and Reasonably predicted.

2. Secure Ordering and Replenishment Planning processes


ENTELECHY CUBE Algorithms run and calculate the Future daily

Alter Relations' Percentages manually, according to your insights. Plan your coming new strategies. Check "what if" scenarios. Highlight bestsellers and get the Predictive advantage of the 68-95-99.7 rule for a Normal Distribution, verified by six face views. The future is seen by six telescopes stereoscopically. Better than only one...

Your order and replenishment will be safe against understock and overstock. Maximize the uplift profitability by keeping the Green resources flow in Equilibrium with expected subsequent Sales within your Business.

ENTELECHY CUBE will calculate the proper Buffer stock needed for your organization's Resilience to market changes.


Nothing can stop you! 

Inside of Hot Air Balloon

ENTELECHY CUBE & Dynamic Properties and Relations

As a Digital Advisor based in Systems' (Holism) Theory, ENTELECHY CUBE monitors and evaluates the Data retrieved from the ERPS. Detects and evaluates the Dynamic Data Properties and Relations -not measured by the Reductionism ERPs.

Includes collected and calculated data per Day-Block, in Four Columns showing:
Open Stock, The Inputs, The Outputs, and End Stock are equaled to the Next day’s Open Stock.
Only the
Genesis Day-Block differs, including the Information of the Genesis Open Stock, exactly like Blockchain technology.

The user can select the From-To Time Period and include all Data in one Cube. Each Cube face shows the same Data in four Columns: Open Stock, In, Out, and End Stock.​



"Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise, deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software"   (Wikipedia). 

By Definition, the "traditional data-processing application software," the Reductionism tools, find chaotic and cannot deal with Big Data

Although it is impossible to define and describe Big Data (similar to quantum) using the innovative method of relations groupings and projection to the six walls of a Cube, ENTELECHY CUBE succeeds in monitoring Big Data Relations and evaluating its changes.

As a Systems’ (Holism) methodology using Blockchain technology, ENTELECHY CUBE is expected to be widely evaluated in other sciences, Social, Medicine, Monetary solving numerous Puzzles that Reductionism Theory followed could not solve.

As an example our latest Project, MyMediCube is a Healthcare Blockchain e-platform, in Medicine . Using Blockchain Technology and ENTELECHY CUBE algorithms, organize Personal Medical Records, connect to smartwatches, share historical data with trusted Parties-Doctors, evaluate the consequences of diseases to health, alert on threats, and guide individuals to healthy living and well-being. The most astonishing: can even predict the end-of-life, decades before it happens and can update predictions according life events or new practices.

We are confident that we live the Paradigm Shift to Systems' Theory, where solutions given to one, are common to all sciences.

Love responsibility. Say: It is my duty, and mine alone, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame.

Nikos Kazantzakis