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Instant Revenue Sharing Model in Partnership with a
Global Big Data/Blockchain/AI Organization



ENTELECHY plans to Operate a Multilingual Global e-Platform, in Partnership with a Global Partner specializing in Big Data/Blockchain and AI practices under an Instant Daily Revenue Sharing Model, exploiting the Method’s advantages.


ENTELECHY CUBE will be available for millions of Small, Medium, and Large Commercial Businesses in Dozens of Countries, serving their total needs for trillions of Products and transactions per day.


Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Shipping Companies utilizing a Supply Chain and an ERP system will join, as they will significantly benefit. Additionally, many ERP Providers will cooperate with B2B.


The Product will be distributed in three versions:


1. EC-3D. “Raise your Business to the Cube”

3D P&L Views in a CUBE. P&L per Sold and Cost per Stocked (approx.). Need just a P&L Export.

2. EC-4D. “Raise your Business Cube”

4D (Time is the fourth) P&L views in a CUBE for Past, Present, and Future Picture. Need ERP Daily Data Exports. Accurate P&L per Sold and Cost per Stocked. Machine Learning Predictive Analytics specs with Buffer Stock for Ordering, Replenishment planning, and Relocation for max ROI.

3. EC-AI. “AI your Business Cube”

For Businesses with a bi-directional interface to the Customer’s ERP. The “Advanced” plus AI redirecting SKU Elements’ path in Supply Chain. AI ordering and replenishment.

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